Our History

Ay Güey! How were we born?

¡Ay Güey! It emerged in CDMX in 2007, when Miguel Ángel (the founder) decided to start a brand from scratch that fully represents the identity, culture, and wealth of being Mexican, seeking to demonstrate that what is done in Mexico is also chingon.*

The brand is the result of the great effort and sacrifice made by thousands of Mexicans throughout these years to generate quality clothing that reflects Mexico in the best way.

Currently, we can proudly say that we have 110 branches in Mexico. And today, we want you to be a part too, that you can know about Mexican art and look good with it on.


And the name, where did it come from?

At some point, all of us have heard a friend, acquaintance, or Mexican use the word Güey* in a sentence. It seems to be a crucial part of the Mexican lexicon. Well, now we are going to tell you how the name ¡Ay Güey! came.

¡Ay Güey!  was born to give a hug to the word madness, which was used many times before, since the idea of selling Mexican clothes and making it a success was unthinkable "because Mexican products aren’t popular and aren’t sold."

In the best Mexican way, we wanted to express the madness in which we believe, and what better word to express it than ¡Ay Güey


Chingon: Something or someone who is extremely good at something.
*Güey:  is a very common Mexican slang word that means ‘dude’. However, this meaning could vary depending on the context and the speaker’s intentions. This word can also be used to express emotions such as pain, anger, and in the case of Ay Güey, it expresses surprise.