And who are part of Ay Güey?

We are actually a very diverse group: political scientists, designers, accountants, graphic artists, marketers, printers, seamstresses, stockists, salespeople, cleaners, carpenters, bricklayers, architects… and more.

Here, the work of each of us impacts others and enriches the products and culture even more. We all know what we do well at work and that is why we put it into practice.


And to all of this, what do we do?

Mainly clothing: T-shirts and jeans. Also, backpacks, wallets, jewelry, perfumes, cell phone cases, USBs ......

We seek to reinvent part of our Mexican history from a more up-to-date point of view. We are inspired by our artistic past, our pictorial work, famous and not so famous, to represent a more vivid and colorful Mexico.  Everything is done with current techniques and styles and the best fabrics and finishes, which can compete with international brands.


And why do we do it?

We are 100% Mexican, absolutely EVERYTHING is made by Mexicans. We do it like this because we realize that there are almost no Mexican businesses when we look around us.

Because when we hear the reasons to buy something, most continue saying that it is Mexican hence it's cheap, because, although much of this is true, we don't believe that it is eternal, we trust that there are many companies and Mexicans doing things well with quality products.

Because we want to show you, instead of being guided by foreign styles, that Mexico has its own life and culture, full of history and art.

Because, after all, we want to continue generating Mexican identity.